Commercial Services

GO GREEN with Steam Tech Services!
We use the environmentally friendly natural source of clean water and the cutting-edge technology of STEAM to disinfect every surface within your workplace.


  • Floor & Carpet
  • Office Furniture
  • Shopping Carts & Hand Baskets
  • Spot & Stain Removal*
  • Tools & Equipment Sterilization
  • Upholstery & Leather
  • Waste Bin Sterilization
  • Window & Glass
Mobile Services by Appointment Only

Did you know?

The #1 reason a spa or salon is heavily fined or completely shut-down is due to its poor sterilization and inability to meet requirements of the Personal Services Establishment Regulation. In BC’s Beauty industry the number of complaints regarding poor sterilization have tripled since 2008. THE POWER OF STEAM reduces health hazards and helps you meet industry standards for cleanliness and quality control.

Package Pricing Available Upon Quotation for All Steam Tech Services.